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Essential Oil Courses

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Education is the KEY to SELF EMPOWERMENT

There are many benefits of really KNOWING your Essential Oils. We take the confusion out of YOUR Essential Oil journey and teach you to integrate them SAFELY into your daily life and your business. One drop at a time. Teacher and Community-based learning. Home, Health, Beauty, Children, Pets, and Business.

Benefit One

Essential Oils are medicine from the earth. Learn how to heal yourself naturally, apply essential oils into your life daily, and live without toxins.

Benefit Two

Grow your knowledge and confidence in easy steps with our revolutionary hands-on approach. One oil at a time. In depth. With the knowledge and support of Certified Aromatherapists and PURE, ORGANIC & THERAPEUTIC Essential Oils.

Benefit Three

Overwhelmed with all the misinformation on the Internet? Share YOUR JOURNEY in a like-minded, supportive community. It will be fun. Promised!

Why should you join our Aromatherapy community?

What we found

Since I became a CA, I have been on a mission to simplify & demystify the use of essential oils. To start, I asked essential oil users - beginners and experienced - what their challenges were.

The most common responses were OVERWHELM and CONFUSION. Most of the respondents never went beyond using Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender. Don’t miss out on the power of Essential Oils and get comfortable using them!

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Why this Membership

A study by EWG has found 287 toxins in newborns. We think that everyone should try to get rid of as many toxins in their lives as possible. But where to start without spending a fortune in money and time?

We created a simple step-by-step system to help you incorporate Essential Oils into your daily life safely and with boat loads of fun. We take the confusion out of Essential Oils! Promised!

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What we promise

This platform is for you if you want to learn the ins and outs of essential oils, carrier oils, hydrolats, and so much more. At your own pace, from the comfort of your home. Drop by Drop: home or business.

We will provide you with hands-on learning materials, amazing recipes & videos, Essential Oil kits, an online community of Essential Oil Users, and best of it all our online chat service with qualified Aromatherapists from around the world to help you when you are stuck.

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"I wanted to expand my offerings as a Massage Therapist, and I knew Essential Oils have tremendous power. I only didn’t have time to study Aromatherapy on top of my work schedule. The Essential Oil Courses offered by Petal & Stem made it possible for me to add Essential Oil Blends safely to my therapies. My patients love it!"

Massage Therapist

"From a doctor's assistant to an Essential Oil Pro. I always wished secretly for alternative solutions to western medicine. I did not know how to use Essential Oils. I knew they were potent and for that reason could be harmful. Going through these classes made me become not only a fan of Essential Oils, but I can't just live without them. "

Mother of 2 & Entrepeneur

"I visited Katrin at her store in Lisbon. We got to talk, and I mentioned to her that we are getting more and more request about our cleaning products and toxin-free, allergy-free detergents, etc. She guided me to the course she had created including a Starter kit to convert your home and business into a toxin-free zone. I now have a Diffuser in every guest room with a choice of oils. My guests love it! "

Bed & Breakfast Owner

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Are you new to Essential Oils, a business owner who would like to expand on their offerings, or an aromatherapist who is looking to consult with clients? Join our community here.


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